Dama di Corte  was created directly from the brand Corte degli Aranci which has existed in Italy since 2000. We opened our first boutique in Ostia (the seaside town of Rome) and the second one in downtown Rome.

Two very different locations: Rome with its ancient history, its stateliness, a contradiction between sacredness and modernity and Ostia with its 16-Km long sandy beach. These two very different locations necessitate that the modern woman is versatile and ready to adapt to the different social occasions that life might bring her way.

It was this which inspired the owner, Debora Passerini, to develop a collection that combines the needs of all women: the woman looking for the right accessory for her office outfit, the one who wants something useful and playful for a relaxing day at the beach to the need for an elegant jewellery piece or a refined stole for a formal occasion.

Our stone jewellery, bags, garments and accessories, all have a common denominator, namely their quality. Our materials are purchased after a long search. Our challenge being to find quality materials at low prices.

All our items matching; visit our online boutique to find outfits suggestions and ideas.

The brand promotes articles chosen from different producers and artisans. In particular our textile sector of stoles, garments and bags; these are exclusive creations,sometimes unique pieces which start from an idea and a drawing on a piece of valuable fabric, such as silk, linen, wool or cashmere - all scroupolously Italian style!